With the support of EU funds, Latvia plans to develop more than 2,000 public electric car charging points

AS Sadales tīkls in cooperation with other state administration institutions will support the development of more than 2,000 publicly accessible charging points for electric cars throughout Latvia. The project is implemented with the support of European Union (EU) Recovery Fund, allocating a total of 5 million euros for the construction of the electricity supply infrastructure necessary for the charging stations.

The goal of the project is to create 2,060 connection points for public electric vehicle charging in various locations in Latvia by 31 May 2026. It is planned that the infrastructure from the common power grid to the metering substation will be designed and built by Sadales tīkls, while the infrastructure from the substation to the charging equipment, as well as the installation of this equipment, will be provided by cooperation partners. Specific locations of charging points will be known after cooperation agreements are concluded with partners.

“According to the data of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate, approximately 2,939 electric cars were registered in Latvia on 1 July of this year. Yet at the beginning of 2022, their total number was slightly over 2,100, so the number of electric cars increased by 35% within half a year. The expansion of the public charging network available in the country will help to further promote the increase in the number of electric cars and, therefore, also the common electrification, which is of great importance both in achieving the goals of the European Green Deal and in strengthening the energy independence of the country,” says Jānis Kirkovalds, director of development of Sadales tīkls.

Municipalities or other derived public entities, municipal institutions or their capital companies, public-private capital companies, as well as state administrative institutions and their capital companies can apply as cooperation partners in the project.

In order to participate in the project, cooperation partners must apply to Sadales tīkls with a relevant application, which can be prepared digitally in the customer portal e-st.lv. More information about the project and application is available on the company's website www.sadalestikls.lv.