"AC/DC Tech 2022" will focus on the active customer-driven energy supply and geopolitical impact on the industry

Europe is continuing its rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewables, driven not only by climate neutrality goals but also by geopolitical developments. Russia’s war in Ukraine has, as never before, raised the issue of ensu...
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6470 GWh of electric power distributed in Latvia last year

The power distribution system operator Sadales tīkls AS distributed a total of 6470 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity last year, for a 3% year-on-year increase. According to the unaudited 2021 financial accounts of Sadales tīk...
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Sandis Jansons: The development of energy supply in 2022 will be driven by prosumers

The year 2021, along with the forecast, has brought unforeseen challenges in the energy supply sector. According to forecasts, the number of installed solar panels and registered electric cars continued to grow rapidly this year...
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Sadales tīkls: residents are using smart meter data to analyse their power consumption more often

Approximately 90% of customers of Sadales tīkls AS are already using smart meters, which remotely record 94% of the total power consumption in Latvia and simultaneously offer customers access to detailed data on their consumptio...
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Survey: Every sixth resident to consider installing solar panels on their property for the self-generation of electricity

In the coming years, 17% of the inhabitants of Latvia will consider installing solar panels (microgenerators) in their households ) to produce electricity for own consumption, with 4% planning to do it in the next 1-2 years, sho...
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Digital work management lets Sadales tīkls run the electrical network more efficiently and save 100,000 printouts per year

Sadales tīkls AS has introduced a new digital tool “Utility to go” (UTG) for technical specialists who ensure technical maintenance of the electrical network and damage prevention. With this app, employees have access to informa...
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Sadales tīkls launches a digital map for determining available network capacity

In order to provide customers and investors with quickly accessible and clear information on the available electrical network capacity, Sadales tīkls AS has launched a new online tool – the free capacity map. This digital map pr...
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Sadales tīkls is testing a new drone technology for overhead power line inspection

By cooperating with the Estonian company Hepta Airborne, Sadales tīkls AS is implementing an overhead power line inspection pilot project with a new solution that foresees the use of drones and special software for analysing fau...
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The PUC approves the development plan of Sadales tīkls for 2022–2031

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has approved the development plan of Sadales tīkls AS for the upcoming 10 years, which foresees purposeful investments in the development of the electric power infrastructure. Over the perio...
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Sadales tīkls opens the renovated Logistics Centre that will allow savings of up to EUR 880,000 annually

Sadales tīkls AS has renovated the company’s Logistics Centre by merging six large warehouses that were previously spread out over various cities of Latvia. The new Logistics Centre with new and improved technological solutions...
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