AC/DC Tech 2024 will focus on the resilience and reliability of the electrical network

A secure and sustainable energy supply is not possible without a properly prepared infrastructure. The development of the electrical network must take into account electrification trends and industry innovations, the challenges...
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Number of households generating electricity in Latvia reaches 20,000

The number of households in Latvia generating their own electricity continues to grow, with solar panels being the primary choice of generation equipment (micro-generators). In the first quarter of 2024, the number of micro-gene...
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Sadales tīkls closes the first half of 2023 with a loss of EUR 6.6 million

Sadales tīkls AS closed the first half of 2023 with a loss of EUR 6.6 million, due to lower volumes of electricity distributed, as well as an increase in operating costs due to an increase in electricity costs, general inflation...
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The number of self-producing electricity households in Latvia reaches 15,000

Micro-generation or self-production of electricity in households continues to develop in Latvia, with solar panels as the primary source of power. The total number of micro-generators connected to AS Sadales tīkls infrastructure...
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Latvia's smart electricity meter roll-out completed: metering of more than 1 million connection points happens remotely

AS Sadales tīkls has finalised the implementation of the smart electricity metering programme, providing more than 1 million customers in Latvia with remote and automated electricity metering, various data services and other ben...
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Reserved capacity of solar power plants reaches 900 MW

Solar energy production capacity (both microgenerators and power plants) connected to the electricity distribution system has increased approximately 9 times in three years, from 17 megawatts (MW) in 2021 to nearly 150 MW today....
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International experts will discuss energy sustainability at the AC/DC Tech 2023 forum

Climate change, Latvia’s green energy ambitions, industry innovations, business and climate neutrality, as well as the tasks of the country’s energy independence in the context of Russia’s war in Ukraine. What lessons have been...
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Sadales tīkls creates an e-tool for reporting power grid damage 

Regular electrical grid modernisation works reduce the total amount of damage and the duration of outages on the AS Sadales tīkls electrical grid each year; however, it is not possible to completely protect the electrical grid f...
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Ukraine to receive donations of generators, electrical materials and equipment 

AS Sadales tīkls continues to communicate with colleagues in Ukraine's energy supply industry, and in response to their request, another set of donations has been arranged to help ensure energy supply in hostility-affected regio...
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Sandis Jansons: Insights, losses and gains of 2022

A difficult year has passed, which has brought the biggest upheaval of recent years - a large-scale war launched by Russia in Ukraine. It has left a lasting impact all over the world, also on the energy supply industry, includin...
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