Sadales tīkls AS started its legally independent operations on 1 July 2007, with Latvia fulfilling the requirements of the European Union directives on the liberalisation of the electricity market.

Sadales tīkls AS is part of Latvenergo Group, which is the largest provider of power supply services in the Baltics. All shares of Sadales tīkls AS are owned by Latvenergo AS.

Sadales tīkls provides electricity distribution services to more than 790 000 customers, the total length of the distribution network reaches to almost 93 000 kilometres and it covers 99% of the country’s area. 

We take care of the maintenance and development of the electrical network, provision of electricity connections, accounting of power consumption data, and related services. 

Sadales tīkls carries out the following commercial activities:

  • Distribution of electricity (35.13)
  • Construction of utility projects for electricity and telecommunications (42.22)
  • Electrical installation (43.21)
  • Sawmilling and planing of wood (16.10)
  • Other education n.e.c. (85.59)

The tariffs of the distribution system services are approved by the Public Utilities Commission.

Sadales tīkls is characterised by high-quality and safe power supply, efficient management of the electrical network, high level of security, innovative engineering solutions and digital technologies, reliable and professional cooperation with customers and partners.

The share capital of Sadales tīkls amounts to EUR 652,693,218 and consists of 652,693,218 shares. The nominal value of one share is one euro. All shares provide equal rights to receive dividends, liquidation quota and voting rights at the shareholders’ meeting. All shares are registered shares and are dematerialised.

Electricity distribution network:

  • Total length of approx. 93,000 kilometres (more than twice the Earth's circumference around the Equator)
  • Approx. 30,000 transformer substations
  • 1/3 of the system consists of a medium voltage 6-20 kV network
  • 2/3 of the system consists of a low voltage 0.4 kV network

In 2021, Sadales tīkls AS has approx. 1,700 employees.